Heinrich Popow — Seize the challenge

12.07.2013 – I made it!

Today, I ran a new world record over 100 meters in 12.11 seconds. Thanks to everyone who brought me to that level!

15.06.2013 – 12.12 seconds – and then there was the tailwind

With my time of 12.12 seconds on 100 metres at the IPC Grand Prix in Berlin, I would actually have beaten the world record – unfortunately, tailwind was a little too strong, so it did not count. Well, next time, I will make it!

05.06.13 – In sports committee at German bundestag

I was invited for the discussion about an agreement for a equal participation of handicapped sportswomen and men in national and international sports competitions and championships. My résumé is: If everybody does his homework, we will close ranks even more within the next years. Language of sports is equal – anywhere!

24.03.13 – From super slow-mo world

German television produced a feature with me for Terra X, which is a science programme for non-scientiscs – in super slow-mo! Thanks to a wonderful team - it was great fun! And the film got very nice! Terra X – Aus dem Reich der Superzeitlupe

02.12.12 – My opinion on the first German TV-channel
A team of ARD-Sportschau came by in Leverkusen and asked me about the plans of the German Athletics Federation. My opinion is clear: I’m against the planned rule change and for inclusion! You can watch the contribution in the video library .

22.11.12 – Final spurt at the Athlete’s elections in North Rhine-Westphalia
The elections for the Athlete of the Year in North Rhine-Westphalia, the so called FELIX-Award, are at full blast! Time to hit the home stretch. Vote for me now on www.nrw-sportlerdesjahres.de

22.11.12 – A contribution in Elektrischer Reporter on ZDFinfo
The ´Elektrischer Reporter´ of ZDFinfo asked me about my twitter activities. You can see the contribution on www.140sekunden.de and follow me on twitter.

14.11.12 – Interview with the Rheinische Post
The interview, that I gave a few days ago, has been published in the German newspaper ´Rheinische Post´ today. You can read the article online: www.rp-online.de

12.11.2012 – Finals: Athlete of the year election
First step taken. Thank you for your votes! Off goes the final! You can vote for me on www.dbs-sportlerwahl.de from November 12th to 18th, 2012. I count on you!

07.11.2012 – Silver Laurel Leaf in Bellevue Palace
Federal President Joachim Gauck honoured me today with the Silver Laurel Leaf. Moving words and an unique atmosphere. A very special moment for me!

With Federal President Joachim Gauck in Bellevue Palace (Photo: private)

28.10.12 – 20th Bayer Fencing Cup
London silver medalist Britta Heidemann invited me to Charity Fencing at the Smidt-Arena in Leverkusen. Fun is writ large in my face. En garde!

Off we go to the fencing field (Photo: Axel Kohring/ Beautiful Sports Images)

21.10.12 - DTM-Finals with Deutsche Sporthilfe
What a sound! At the DTM-Finals I saw sensational racing cars. A camera team of the ARD-Sportschau got me at the edge of the racing circle.

Interview with the German TV

19.10.2012 - Every voice counts!
The pre-election for the athlete of the year will run from October 19th to 29th.
I´m nominated and really looking forward to getting your votes. Just visit the homepage http://www.dbs-sportlerwahl.de and vote for me. Thank you all!

15.10.2012 - Thrilling Discussions in the German Parliament
The fraction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany invited me as a panelist to the discussion meeting „Inclusion in Sports“ at the German Parliament. Many sympathetic ears and dedicated dialog partners, that is the way Paralympic sport will advance.

Panel discussion at the German Parliament

29.08.12 - Opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium
What a great Party. A huge show with an incredible audience! This was a fantastic start for fantastic Games in London. I´m really looking forward to it.

Anticipating the games (Photo: private)

13.08.12 – 100 Metre final comes closer
The starting pistol in Paralympic men´s 100 metres will be fired on September 7th, and I want to be the 1st crossing the line. I am looking forward to the Olympic Stadium and the fast track.

Warming up for London (Photo: Otto Bock Healthcare)

18.07.12 - My video portrait is online now
In the last few weeks a camera crew accompanied me during training sessions, competitions, and in every day life. The clips became great! You can watch them on www.passion.ottobock.com.

<a href=http://passion.ottobock.com/en/athletes/heinrich-popow/videos/ target=_blank>Watch the video here</a>

16.07.2012 - Integratives Sportfest in Leverkusen
Year´s best on official condition! And after the competition the seven year old Jonas showed me what he´s got on the track.

Athletes stick with one's kind (Photo: private)

10.07.12 - The countdown has started!
The clock is ticking, heart beat is rising. Only 50 days left to the Paralympic Games in London! I´m looking forward to a great Opening Ceremony, thrilling competitions, and a full stadium!

Olympic Stadium in London (Photo: gettyimages/ Steve Bates)

25.06.2012 - IPC Athletics Euros
Successful final rehearsal! While it rained cats and dogs, I was able to leave my competitors behind. The time of 12.66 seconds won me the title in 100m sprint in Stadskanaal. Can´t wait for London!

European Champion! Heinrich Popow before Richard Whitehead (Photo: Marcus Hartmann)

15.06.2012 - Perfect start to the season!

12.43 seconds on 100 meters, close to the European record! Good to know, that I am in excellent shape!

Photo: Uli Maier

05.06.12 Sometimes training can be this good!
The camera crew and me driving over the court after a following shot.

On the video shootig (Photo: neuspree)

30.05.12 It´s getting exciting!
Only 100 days left until the showdown in London! On September 7th, I will take part in men´s 100 metres final and I can´t wait! Join me counting the days!

In front of the Brandenburg Gate (Photo: neuspree/ Elke Hinkelbein)

21.05.12 - The last finetuning
London, here I come! Only 100 days to go to the Paralympics. I am looking forward to my new leg!

With orthopaedics engineers in a prostheses workshop

11.05.2012 - The BG-clinic-tour in Bochumb

A great thing!
And a good opportunity for me to motivate and inform as well!

Heinrich Popow (2nd from the right) at the BG clinic-tour in Bochum

27.04.12 - "The right moment to win gold"
I spoke to Germany´s biggest soccer magazine, kicker, about the challenge of running for gold in London. Read the entire interview here.

27.04.12 - Opening ceremony of Otto Bock exhibition "Passion for Paralympics"
This is a video shot at the opening ceremony of "Passion for Paralympics", Otto Bock roadshow for the Paralympic Games.

Great speech of Sir Philip Craven…

<a href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jn2-6Ln_rE target=_blank>Click here for the video</a>

18.04.12 - Ready, steady, go!
British ambassador to Germany, Simon McDonald, and me were giving the "kick-start" for the Olympic Games. Therefore the British embassy organized a symbolic sprint in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Great atmosphere!

Heinrich Popow and British ambassador Simon McDonald at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (Photo: neuspree/ Elke Hinkelbein)

23.02.12 - At the studio of NRW Live
That was plenty of fun, being at the studio of NRW TV, a German TV channel. Nice team!
There’s a clip below, for those of you, who couldn’t watch it live.

Clip NRW Live
(At 51:00)

NRW-Live part 1. Watch me at 51:00. http://www.nrw.tv/videoarchiv/000875/

10.02.2012 - My Facebook fanpage is online!
Finally, it is online: my new fanpage. And I already have almost 600 fans - great motivation for me. Look forward to photos, news and background information. I will keep in the loop!

04.02.2012 - Ball des Sports ("Ball of Sports") 2012 in Wiesbaden
Indeed, I let Franziska van Almsick take a photo of the two of us. ;-) Exciting evening, nice talks – and I really like wearing a smoking.

With the famous German swimmer Franziska van Almsick (Photo: private)

01.02.2012 - Huge banner at Berlin main station
Quite cool to see yourself on a larger-than-life banner at Berlin main station. Thanks to Ottobock, soon, the whole capital will know me!